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Subject leader – Rebecca Holland and Robert Godfrey

At Three Lane Ends Academy, English sessions provide pupils with opportunities to immerse themselves in high quality model texts, including aspirational and ambitious vocabulary, and apply writing techniques into their own writing.  All English units of work are closely aligned to cross curricular studies, as well as guided reading sessions and studied texts. 

English units of work are divided into three phases. The first phase of the unit is the reading phase. During this part of the unit of work pupils are presented with a model text that provides ambitious and aspirational examples of language, as well as accurate organisation structures.  These lessons will provide pupils with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the model text and discuss aspects to secure understanding and provide opinions.  This will be done through a range of tasks, including predicting, summarising, understanding vocabulary and comprehension.

The second phase of the unit is the grammar, punctuation and spelling phase. At the beginning of each unit of work, teaching staff will identify the focus and assessment criteria for the end product i.e. use of dialogue and speech punctuation to move the narrative on.  The grammar lessons will focus on teaching these grammar features and their use within a text.  The model text will include the focus grammar in order to provide scaffolds and models for the pupils. 

Pupils will be provided with opportunities to complete short bust write tasks practice the taught grammar and writing techniques. 

Once understanding of grammar techniques are secure, pupils will be provided with opportunities to apply and practice the taught skills into writing, adopting the style, structure and organisation of the modelled text.  This phase of the unit will be used to build up to writing an extended piece of writing in the end phase of the unit. 

In the younger years, staff may use the writing phase to gradually complete an extended piece of writing by the end of the week, ensuring pupils are including taught grammatical techniques in their writing.

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