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Our aims

At Three Lane Ends Academy, we have high expectations of our pupils in relation to progress, behaviour and personal development, and that they have a thirst for learning and knowing more. We are passionate that our pupils acquire the knowledge and skills required to further progress in their learning, as well as be equipped with the skills needed in adulthood. We are committed that our pupils are numerate and literate. A key focus for us from an early age is that pupils develop early reading skills, as well as nurture a love of books and reading.

Our curriculum has been designed to provide pupils with the opportunities to develop a knowledge and understanding of a range of cultural, ethnic, religious and family backgrounds, and nurture a respect of all, irrespective of background.

By the end of their journey at Three Lane Ends Academy, pupils will:

Pupils will be numerate and literate

Our core subjects provide pupils with the opportunity and support to secure the numeracy and literacy skills. We place high importance on pupils being taught their ‘key instant recall facts’ (KIRFS) and that these are applied through all areas of Maths learning. We place high importance on early reading and phonics from Nursery, supporting pupils to be ready for the next stage in their education. A wide range of opportunities are provided for pupils to apply these skills across all subject areas, whilst also maintaining the study of individual subject disciplines.

Pupils will experience a knowledge deep curriculum

We use the National Curriculum to design a study approach for our curriculum. Pupils are provided with opportunities to study the broad range of subjects, either as a discreet subject or with cross-curricular links. A key focus for us in the foundation subjects of our curriculum is that pupils progress in the subject disciplines. Links to prior learning is key for our pupils, in order for them to learn and remember more as they progress.

The study approach is supported by a reading spine, as well as experience days through internal or external visits.

Pupils will have respect for all

Pupils will learn about a wide range of cultural, ethnic, religious and family background through their studies and a broad range of subjects (History, Geography, RE, PSHE). Through these studies, pupils will develop an increased understanding of a range of diverse backgrounds and that everyone should have equity of opportunity.

Pupils will be confident in their own potential and have high aspirations

Through our curriculum, we will study a number of individuals who have, over time, defied stereotypes. Year 2 will study Kathryn Johnson and her work for NASA. Year 6 will study Emily Pankhurst and the suffrage movement. By studying these powerful individuals, pupils will learn that they can have high aspirations for their futures and, through determination, they can achieve these.