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If your child is ill and will not be attending school, please telephone the office on 01977 524483 to notify them of your child’s absence.  We encourage all medical appointments take place outside of the school day, however appreciate that this isn’t not always possible. In the event of an appointment during the school day, provide evidence of appointment at the school office.


Our attendance target is 96%

School Attendance Autumn Term 2020-21

Class% Attendance
Reception Owls96.7%
Reception Kingfisher93.9%
Year 1 Chiffchaff96.4%
Year 1 Sparrow97.3%
Y2 Pintail97.2%
Y2 Wagtail95.7%
Y3 Blackcaps96.8%
Y3 Redwing98.7%
Y4 Goldfinch97.4%
Y4 Moorhen98%
Y5 Osprey97.6%
Y5 Peregrine96.1%
Y6 Heron96.2%
Y6 Swan96.2%
Whole School96.8%

Attendance at Three Lane Ends Academy

Attendance is an area of school improvement we have been working on for a number of years and we are continuing to encourage positive attendance in school.  We have a number of incentives to encourage children to come into school, including termly awards and recognition, weekly reminders in assembly with a reward for the class with the highest %.

Last year we implemented a new reward system (based on the idea of trivial pursuit) whereby each class need to strive to achieve 96% of more each half term.  In the terms the class achieves this, they are awarded with a ‘cheese’ and choose a reward.  This is displayed in the hall so that this can be celebrated by all.

Please see below for the colours of each ‘cheese’ and the category they represent.

Pink – creative arts

Green – Science and nature

Blue – Computing and engineering

Yellow – Expressive arts

Brown – culture

Orange – Sport

At the beginning of each term, each class decides which category they would like to work towards.  The aim is to have 6 ‘cheeses’ by the end of the academic year.