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About Us - Values



At Three Lane Ends Academy we firmly believe that all children should be given the opportunity and encouragement to learn to the best of their ability and to reach their full potential.

We aim for our school to do this by:-

                                                              • Being a safe, happy environment for all
                                                              • Recognising and developing individual needs
                                                              • Helping children to develop a sensitivity to others
                                                              • Providing equal opportunities for all
                                                              • Promoting high expectations of behaviour and achievement
                                                              • Stimulating curiosity and enjoyment of learning
                                                              • Providing a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum delivered through good quality lessons
                                                              • Maintaining staff development so they are at the leading edge of education
                                                              • Recognising and celebrating achievements
                                                              • Creating a working partnership between staff, governors, pupils and parents
                                                              • Identifying opportunities for children to learn independently
                                                              • Promoting standards of attainment in line with or above national expectations in curriculum, attendance and behaviour.

Pupils must also understand and accept responsibility for:-

  • Promoting their own learning
  • Striving for the best quality in all work they do
  • Ensuring their conduct in and around school is exemplary
  • Ensuring the learning of others is not obstructed.

At Three Lane Ends Academy we are striving to create a school where everybody works together to achieve the best education facilities and opportunities that our pupils rightly deserve.

School Values

  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Friendship

  • Resilience

  • Tolerance

  • Aspiration


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Three Lane Ends Academy
Methley Road
WF10 1PN

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T: 01977 524483